The Awakening

Many people have asked me what’s up with the blog, you’re slacking, write some more! Sounds like I am growing a fan base and on my way to become an influencer! But before any of that, I just have to say that I’ve been busy preparing for an arrival awakening (still got my Star Wars high).

There has been an awakening unlike anything I’ve experience before. Unfortunately no one has discovered how the Force works yet. But something a bit more interesting is the fact that biology can survive and reproduce itself in so many differently unique and weird ways. Did you know part of the jellyfish’s reproductive cycle involves a plant-like phase? Google it.

With humans it’s simpler. One day you just pee on a special magic wand (maybe that’s what the Force is!?) and it is revealed weather or not you will have a new visitor soon. Our “Incoming Imminent” revelation means making preparations, preparations for the awakening!

The little miglet monster has us running up and down before its arrival. Have you seen the Gremlins?! Those monsters have both the light and dark side of the Force in them. So expecting this hybrid UFO/dementor monster to arrive soon, I’ve been preparing a landing pad and rest area for this little alien and getting fuel provisions ready.

A docking station is also set up for quick and frequent routine maintenance that will be required. There are going to be a lot of oil changes taking place, and with this creature coming from a galaxy far far away, it will take me some time to become proficient and master its maintenance requirements.

In reality, I expect it will be lower maintenance compared to what the homo-sapiens species tries to shove down your throat. But it just needs some TLC, a lunar rover for transportation with a 7-point safety harness belt, some tin foil for keeping body temperature regulated, some biofuel provided by the female caretaker, and some of those mentioned good old fashion oil changes, cause this is the way.

So expect some fun new blogs related to this alien invasion, along with my more traditional and boring earthly adventures !

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