Eleuthera: A Hidden Gem in The Bahamas

If you are looking for that perfect beach paradise, with miles and miles of beautiful sand where you can sunbath and relax sipping on Margaritas (or whatever you enjoy drinking), then I highly recommend visiting Eleuthera!

Eleuthera isn’t really the first place you think of when you talk about The Bahamas. You might not even have heard about it before. This small thin island is located about 50 miles east of the main capital island of Nassau.

The thinnest part of the island is just a few feet wide.

When I say thin, I mean very thin, with some parts being about 1 mile wide. This is a really laid back family island and it isn’t as developed or touristy as Nassau. There are no cruise ships or fancy 5 star hotels. No night clubs with the latest from Drake, no Starbucks or casinos.

There is only 1 traffic light in all the island, and it might not be working. If you’re looking for private beaches, romantic sunsets, pink sand beaches and a unique experience, this is the place to go. The locals are very friendly and there is never any traffic!

That small tiny building is the airport.

It sounds like a destination for an adventurous couple… and it is! My wife and I stayed at a private cottage in Hatchet Bay, a small town about 25 minutes from the North Eleuthera Airport we flew into. By the way this airport had the same laid-back chill atmosphere as the rest of the island. TSA could learn a thing or two from them.

The locals frying some fish near Governor’s Harbor town.

As I mentioned earlier, there’s not much to do here besides relax and enjoy the beaches. On Friday’s they have a local Fish Fry with some music which is pretty fun. Be sure to check out Pink Sand’s Beach too!

Now enjoy these pictures from Spanish Wells Island beach in the north side. This was by far our favorite beach.

This beach was completely isolated and the tide was perfect, with a sand dune that probably stretched for half a mile.

From the picture above you can see the sand dune in the water.

We probably walked along this dune for well over an hour before returning to shore.

Of course, there are dozens of sand dollars all over. These pictures are mostly from only one beach, and we went to at least a dozen different beaches, each with its own uniqueness. So you can imagine there is a lot more I could write about Eleuthera if I wished to; from caves and seawater sinkholes, to amazing food.

But I want you to experience it for yourself. We really encourage anyone looking for a beach trip to consider Eleuthera. Share any beach adventures you have in the comments section!

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