What if everyone had the same Car?

I recently had to remove a toilet and learn some basic plumbing for the floor remodeling, and after watching dozens of how-to videos online, I noticed they all were very similar in the steps and procedures. Besides some small differences in pipe material or dimensions, plumbing from one house to another is similar.

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How do you spend time on Facebook?

In the last few years, technology has improved so much that it aims to increase our quality of life, be it with smart appliances, self-driving cars with improved sensors for safety, audio speakers you can give commands to, and so much more. Technology is good. It is cool, fun, nerdy, and geeky. Along with all these technological improvements, social media has seen a boom as well and is being used more than ever for many different reasons.

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The Beginning

Let’s start this off…

This is me

I have been thinking for the past few months on starting a blog and today, the 1st of December of 2018, I finally did it! I’ve never had a blog before or anything related to a blog, and I am learning as I go with the support of my wife. As my blog title states, I like using the term Monster because if you saw  the movie Shrek, he was always private about his life (until Donkey arrived). I also think it’s just funny and I like it. In other words, I won’t be sharing to many personal details about me, but I will about Mr. Monster. I will be writing about some life experiences, stories, and anything I find interesting enough to share with you in this blog that will hopefully help you out in your own life adventures.