A Hiking Adventure through the Grand Canyon

Since my wife and I are hiking fanatics, we decided that we needed to plan a hiking vacation, nothing but hiking for entertainment and amusement.  We had two choices we were pondering; go north to the White Mountains of New Hampshire, or visit the Grand Canyon along with some other national parks in the southwest area.

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Tips for a Great Airbnb Experience

Read our first bad experience to see why we left our Airbnb before even unpacking! After some post-reflection and thought on our experience with this Airbnb, we noted that we could have probably avoided this by doing better research for our Airbnb after noting a few red flags in the listing. I’ll divide this in different sections.

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A Sketchy tale of Airbnb

Along our travels and adventures, my wife and I mostly use Airbnb instead of hotels. This is true about 70% of the time, since every now and then we will stay at a hotel. We both love the experience and concept of Airbnb; you can choose to “rent” an entire home, apartment, studio, guesthouse, and even single rooms. With proper researching, you can find single rooms with a private entrance and private bathroom; similar to what you get at a hotel but less expensive.

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Camping in ice cold weather!

This was freezing cold!

The outdoors is something I really enjoy, so when some few weekends ago a friend of mine mentioned the idea of going hiking and camping, I immediately said yes. The night before, my wife and I packed our gear, got the hiking boots ready and were anxious for the next day. Our day started with heading over to Shenandoah’s Old Rag Hiking Trail with a group of friends.

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