Lessons Learned after Flooring

Almost 2 months, or about 7 weeks.

That’s how long it took me to redo about 550sqft of floor in our condo. I know… so slow, a pro team would have done it in less than a week… But I accomplished my goal: to fix and improve my own home while saving myself some money along the way and learn a few new skills and tricks. Plus, the best of all: Bragging rights!

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What if everyone had the same Car?

I recently had to remove a toilet and learn some basic plumbing for the floor remodeling, and after watching dozens of how-to videos online, I noticed they all were very similar in the steps and procedures. Besides some small differences in pipe material or dimensions, plumbing from one house to another is similar.

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How to Replace the Cabin Air Filter

Most modern cars have many types of filters that need to be replaced every so-often miles. One of these is the air filter for the air conditioner, which is commonly called the Cabin Filter. In this quick tutorial, I’ll show you how simple it is to change the cabin’s air filter in your car so you can do it yourself while saving some money and avoiding scams from stealerships dealerships.

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What does your car really cost?

Recently, I had to change my tires since they were almost worn out. Ever since having my Corolla, I’ve never paid more than $55 for a service and that was for an oil change, the most important maintenance every car needs. So when I had to cough up around $550 for a new set of tires, it was a bit shocking.

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Are you battling your electric bill?

Depending on where you live, you might be using your heating unit much more now to stay warm during winter season. If you’re an unfortunate soul that has an all-electric HVAC system, you might also start to notice your electric bill creeping up. But regardless of what season it is or weather you have a gas furnace, have you ever wondered how you end up owing what you owe for the monthly electric bill?

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Winning at the car dealership

Not many people enjoy going to any type of car shop, mechanic, dealership… you name it. Everyone hates car trouble. So when I received an email about an open recall on my car, I scheduled an appointment at my nearest Toyota dealer. When I went in for the checking, they said the CVT needed a reflash.

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Reducing Fuel usage in your Car

I was recently reading on vehicle efficiency and how it has changed throughout history, and I stumbled upon the term Hypermiling. Hypermiling is basically driving with efficiency in mind, to get the best possible MPG (miles per gallon) on your vehicle. The hypermiling enthusiast, or the hyper-milers, have developed a lot of crazy techniques to achieve extraordinary MPGs way above the EPA specification of their car. I won’t go into detail on each of these techniques, but two of the more extreme techniques I remember are:

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