Are you battling your electric bill?

Depending on where you live, you might be using your heating unit much more now to stay warm during winter season. If you’re an unfortunate soul that has an all-electric HVAC system, you might also start to notice your electric bill creeping up. But regardless of what season it is or weather you have a gas furnace, have you ever wondered how you end up owing what you owe for the monthly electric bill?

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Winning at the car dealership

Not many people enjoy going to any type of car shop, mechanic, dealership… you name it. Everyone hates car trouble. So when I received an email about an open recall on my car, I scheduled an appointment at my nearest Toyota dealer. When I went in for the checking, they said the CVT needed a reflash.

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Camping in ice cold weather!

This was freezing cold!

The outdoors is something I really enjoy, so when some few weekends ago a friend of mine mentioned the idea of going hiking and camping, I immediately said yes. The night before, my wife and I packed our gear, got the hiking boots ready and were anxious for the next day. Our day started with heading over to Shenandoah’s Old Rag Hiking Trail with a group of friends.

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