What if everyone had the same Car?

I recently had to remove a toilet and learn some basic plumbing for the floor remodeling, and after watching dozens of how-to videos online, I noticed they all were very similar in the steps and procedures. Besides some small differences in pipe material or dimensions, plumbing from one house to another is similar.

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How to Replace the Cabin Air Filter

Most modern cars have many types of filters that need to be replaced every so-often miles. One of these is the air filter for the air conditioner, which is commonly called the Cabin Filter. In this quick tutorial, I’ll show you how simple it is to change the cabin’s air filter in your car so you can do it yourself while saving some money and avoiding scams from stealerships dealerships.

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A Hiking Adventure through the Grand Canyon

Since my wife and I are hiking fanatics, we decided that we needed to plan a hiking vacation, nothing but hiking for entertainment and amusement.  We had two choices we were pondering; go north to the White Mountains of New Hampshire, or visit the Grand Canyon along with some other national parks in the southwest area.

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What does your car really cost?

Recently, I had to change my tires since they were almost worn out. Ever since having my Corolla, I’ve never paid more than $55 for a service and that was for an oil change, the most important maintenance every car needs. So when I had to cough up around $550 for a new set of tires, it was a bit shocking.

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Tips for a Great Airbnb Experience

Read our first bad experience to see why we left our Airbnb before even unpacking! After some post-reflection and thought on our experience with this Airbnb, we noted that we could have probably avoided this by doing better research for our Airbnb after noting a few red flags in the listing. I’ll divide this in different sections.

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